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  • Padlock Shape Paper Tag Custom Printed
  • Key Shape Paper Tag Custom Printed
  • Van Shape Paper Tag Custom Printed
  • Elegant Open Heart Key Holder with Stones
  • Climber Clip with 3 Rings
  • Single Frame Designer Logo Coin Purse
  • Bonanza Clip with Leather strap Snap open and close. Rotating bottom loop to keep key flat. Removable nickel plated split keyring. A medium bolt snap.
  • Signal Blocking Key Hider
  • USA Flag with Eagle  Key Chain
  • Camoflauge Climbers Clip
  • Carabiner with Paracord Both Colors
  • Small Screw Open Ring NP 1-5/8 Inch
  • Brass Screw Open Ring 1-5/8 Inch
  • Star Shape Anodized Aluminum Tag
  • Small Oval Anodized Aluminum Tag