Site Credits, the leading distributor of key chains, accessories, and key blanks, sought a comprehensive transformation by partnering with MAKDigital for a migration from Volusion to BigCommerce. The outdated platform was impeding their growth, and the decision to switch was driven by a commitment to stay at the forefront of eCommerce technology. The collaboration aimed not only at a technical upgrade but also at elevating the brand's online presence, providing a streamlined and modern shopping experience.

BigCommerce Development Services

Data Migration:

The migration from Volusion to BigCommerce was imperative to liberate from the constraints of an outdated platform. MAKDigital executed a seamless data migration, ensuring a smooth transition that positioned for enhanced customization capabilities and a user-friendly interface. The positive impact on the client was monumental, unlocking new possibilities for growth and efficiency.

Custom Features & Functionality:

Tailored functionalities were introduced to address specific challenges and unique requirements faced by MAKDigital's custom features not only met but exceeded client expectations, providing a website that stands out in the competitive landscape and caters precisely to the brand's needs.


Strategic integrations played a crucial role in enhancing the overall efficiency and cohesiveness of the online platform. The incorporation of various third-party solutions, including Searchanise and Cloudfare, contributed to a more robust and feature-rich eCommerce environment. The positive impact was evident in improved functionality and user experience.

Responsive Design:

The introduction of responsive design was a strategic move to optimize for mobile users. Recognizing the prevalence of mobile eCommerce, MAKDigital ensured that the website translated seamlessly across all devices. This responsive design significantly improved the user experience and accessibility, positively influencing's online presence.

BigCommerce Design Services

Art Direction/Website Redesign:

A complete overhaul of the website's design was undertaken to bring into the modern eCommerce era. MAKDigital's art direction and redesign efforts were geared towards creating a visually stimulating homepage and an overall design that aligns with the brand's identity. This transformation instilled a more trustworthy and credible feel, enhancing the overall user experience.

UX/UI Optimizations:

The focus on user experience and user interface optimizations aimed to provide customers with an intuitive and enjoyable shopping journey. From category pages to the checkout process, MAKDigital's design enhancements contributed to a more aesthetically appealing and user-friendly interface.

BigCommerce SEO Services

Keyword Research:

Comprehensive keyword research became a cornerstone of's strategy to enhance online visibility. The strategic selection and implementation of relevant keywords contributed to improved search engine rankings, ensuring that's products reached a wider audience.

Content Optimization:

The SEO service focused on optimizing's content to create a compelling narrative around the brand and its products. Strategic content structuring and alignment with industry best practices played a crucial role in driving organic search success.


MAKDigital's collaboration with resulted in a comprehensive transformation that went beyond a technical migration. The positive impact of data migration, custom features, integrations, responsive design, and design optimizations is evident in's streamlined and visually appealing online presence. As a result, stands poised for increased traffic, improved sales, and sustained growth in the competitive world of apparel accessories eCommerce.

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