Belt Chain Key Holders

Various types of chains for carrying your keys.

Various styles of keychains and key rings for carrying keys on your belt or belt loop. We offer the largest selection of belt key holders, specializing in the needs of maintenance personnel, janitors, police officers, security guards and anyone else who needs to carry their keys securely every day yet, have those keys remain readily accessible.

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  • 18 Inch Pocket Chain with Snap Bulk Each
  • Slip On Belt Key Holder S-Hook with Chain
  • Medium Carabiner - Plain Steel with Chain
  • Pocket Chain Key Ring - With Clip
  • Pocket Chain 6-1/2 Inch with Two Rings
  • Okays Key Safe with Chain
  • Nickel Plated Trigger Snap with Chain
  • Nickel Plated Boat Snap with Chain
  • Pin N Chain by Key-Bak 24 Inch Chain