Key Separators

Many ways to separate rings of keys
Separate and organize your keys. Useful when you have many sets of keys, but do not need to carry them all at the same time. For example, your work keys and house keys, or when leaving your car with a valet. These are also known as pull apart key chains. We offer many styles to please any taste, from simple two-part key holders to multi-part key organizers in metal, leather and plastic. Leather key cases too. 


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  • Amflo Air Hose Type Pull Apart Key Ring
  • Deluxe Pull Apart Key Ring
  • 4 Hook Leather Key Case Heavy Duty
  • 4 Hook and Strap Leather Key Case Heavy Duty
  • Leather Two Part Snap Open Detachable Key Holder
  • 5 Ring Key Spider Organizer Keyring
  • Magnetic Heavy Duty Pull Apart Key Ring
  • Deluxe Brass Valet Two Part Keychain
  • Deluxe Silver Valet Two Part Keychain
  • Oval Deluxe Detachable Two Part Keychain Brass
  • Three Ring Spider Key Ring Matte Silver
  • 6 Hook Leather Key Case Snap Open
  • Plastic Key Separator
  • Mini I.D. Clips