Carabiner Key Chains - Standard

Carabiner clips (or climbers clips) for holding your keys or gear.

A carabiner is a type of climbers clip that can be easily clipped almost anywhere to carry your keys or gear. We offer standard carabiners in six colors and four sizes as well as some specialty clips that allow you to carry a retractable badge holder, pen or perhaps a compass.


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  • Small anodized aluminum Carabiner Keychain with split key ring. In use blue climber clip clipped on belt loop
  • Medium Carabiner Keychain
  • Large Carabiner Keychain
  • Jumbo Carabiner Keychain
  • Camoflauge Climbers Clip
  • Carabiner with Paracord Both Colors
  • Medium Carabiner - Plain Steel
  • Medium Carabiner - Plain Steel with Chain