Tamper Proof and Tamper Resistant Key Rings

Special type of key ring, that when crimped closed cannot be re-opened
Tamper proof and tamper resistant key rings

These high security and medium security key rings cannot be opened without detection thus preventing asset removal or substitution. They may serve on their own as a key ring or in conjunction with other systems of protection for your most valuable assets. Tamper Proof and Tamper Resistant keyrings are used to secure assets like keys and remotes for fleets, prisons, medical equipment and cash tills.

How it works:

Tamper Proof (High Security): Each ring has a unique random serial number stamped into it. Once keys are put on the tamper proof ring and the ring is permanently sealed with the crimping tool, the only way to remove the keys is to cut or destroy the ring. When returned, if the serial number does not match you know the keys have been tampered with.

Tamper Resistant (Medium Security): The key rings are permanently sealed, but have no serial numbers. To remove keys you must cut or destroy the ring.


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