Key Cases, Coin Purses and Wallets

A selection of key cases and coin purses and credit card holders in leather and plastic.
Many styles of key cases and coin purses are available. There are zippered key cases and coin purses in varying key capacities. We also offer snap open leather key cases and coin purses also in a variety of sizes. Coin purses are also available in plastic. This category also includes items for carrying a bus pass or metro / transit card.
Leather Key Cases are available with either a zippered closure or a snap.


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  • Squeeze Coin Purse Oval
  • Fleet Key-Per Pouch All Colors
  • On Sale!
    Flex-O-Matic Coin Purse Squeeze Open
  • Pass Case/Card Wallet
  • Coin Purse Cosmetic Style
  • Fashion 'C' Logo Coin Purse