Key Identifiers

Ways to identify individual keys.
Rings and Caps to Sort and Identify Your Keys.

When you have a lot of similar looking keys on your keyring you need our key head identifiers to assist in sorting those keys. We offer key identifier rings that go around the head of a key or key identifier caps that slip over the head of a key. Functional and stylish, our key identifiers are a better way to organize your keys. We have Key ID Caps (Covers the entire head of the key) and Key ID Rings (Collars that fit around the outside edge of the keys)

What size should you get?

For most standard house keys, (like Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, etc.) Use the Medium Size Key ID Rings, Standard Key Caps, House Key Caps or Designer, Happy or Emoji Caps.

For Desk, Cabinet, Padlock and other keys with a small head, We only have the Small ID Rings to fit these keys.

For Larger Headed Keys, like office and school keys (Corbin, Sargent, Russwin, Baldwin, etc) You can use the Large ID Rings or Jumbo Key Caps.
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