Key-Bak KEY HUB Switch Blade Type Key Holder

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    What a smart way to carry your keys

     Switch-Blade Style Key Holder. Keep your keys organized, secure and accessible. Holds 4 to 12 keys. The KEY-HUB™ is KEY-BAK’s latest innovation for keeping your keys organized, secure and accessible. The KEY-HUB organizes your keys in a convenient compact fold out pattern keeping keys in the order you choose.


     The KEY-HUB includes everything you need to hold up to 12 keys, just quickly change to a larger post (included) when you need to add more keys. As an added bonus, the KEY-HUB includes a split ring, perfect for adding car keys and keyless remote fobs or attaching your KEY-HUB to a KEY-BAK retractable reel for even more convenience!   



  • Switch-Blade Style Key Holder
  • One size fits all - Three different post sizes and extra spacers to support 4 to 12 keys.
  • No need to purchase additional posts when your keys expand.
  • Convenient pocket clip - Great for clipping your keys on the inside of your pocket or to your belt, keeping your keys secure and your pockets empty.
  • Sleek design- Keeps keys quiet while protecting you and your clothing from the key’s jagged teeth.
  • Durable Frame-Made of color-plated zinc alloy
  • Available in two colors: blue or black


Our Item #: KR-3010-
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