Plain Cotton Lanyard - 1/2 Inch Wide - Bulk Pack of 12 by color

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    BULK PACK - 12 Lanyards to a package, all one color. Soft and comfortable flat cotton neck strap key chain for carrying keys or ID badges around your neck. Carry your keys or a badge around your neck with this stylish neck string lanyard and key chain. Also good for carrying ID cards and proxy cards.


     Sturdy and durable flat cotton lanyard can be used to carry keys around your neck, hanging from your pocket or tie it on to a backpack or purse. Lanyard is similar to a flat shoe lace. Also available in six colors individually by colors.



  • Lanyard itself is 17" in length
  • Sturdy and durable flat cotton lanyard
  • Lanyard is 1/2" wide
  • Nickel plated 1-1/4" diameter split key ring included
  • 1-1/2" swivel snap to attach keys
  • 21" total length with swivel and ring


Our Item #: KR-6342-3xx (xx=color)
Selling Unit (sold and priced as): Pack of 12, all one color
Packaging: 12 Pack
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