Aluminum Tags

All of our anodized aluminum key tags are made in the USA of the finest materials available. We offer round and rectangular aluminum keytags in an assortment of colors. These key tags are perfect for stamping or engraving important key information on them. They are intended for permanent key identification. The aluminum is laser engravable and we can also custom engrave the key tags for you. Split key rings are also available to attach to the tags.

Tags are available Blank, Custom Laser Engraved, or SAVE BIG with ALL IDENTICAL Tags.

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  • 1" Diameter Anodized Aluminum Tags in Various Colors, Suitable for stamping or engraving.
  • 1.25 Inch Round Aluminum Key Tags - BLANK; suitable for stamping or engraving.
  • Octagon Shape Anodized Aluminum Key Tag - BLANK
  • Oval Aluminum Key Tag - BLANK
  • Aluminum Key Tag Rectangle - BLANK
  • Long Rectangle Aluminum Tag Blank
  • Star Shape Anodized Aluminum Tag
  • Small Oval Anodized Aluminum Tag
  • XL Heart Shape Anodized Aluminum Tag
  • Shamrock Shape Anodized Aluminum Tag
  • Fire Emblem Maltese Anodized Aluminum Tag