Small Engraved Restroom and Bathroom Key Tags

1/8" Thick. Engraved Plastic Restroom Key Tags.

Our Restroom Engraved Key Tags are made in the USA of indestructible 1/8” thick ABS plastic with a durable Acrylic Cap (top color). The cap color is .010” thick and will not wear off. These tags have a high mechanical and impact strength, which means they will not break when dropped. The Semi-Gloss finish is attractive and simple to clean. Unlike other manufacturers, we DO NOT use inferior standard styrene.
     These tags are deep engraved, which means the cap color is physically cut-away to reveal the core color below, resulting in a long lasting and wear resistant image. (As opposed to simply printing on the plastic which will wear off quite quickly).
     Perfect size, sturdy plastic key tag for your restroom keys - Use in situations where the keys are always returned.


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